Second shoot

For our second or first real shoot you could say, we've planned a whole day to make our story in photo's and video's. We've come together on a chosen location outside to shoot our first shots. This was where we represented our t-shirts. Here you saw that all the t-shirts came together as one. Green, blue and black were al worn in the shots to see them all in action. Further more we took some pictures for our social platforms.
The second location was in a workshop. The workshop had a lot of industrial vibes and items that combined very good with our chosen colors. Culthouse is of course black and yellow and in the workshop the t-shirts were right at home. Also, here we made time to not only take video's but pictures as well.

The pictures that were taken are also visible on our site with our product picture's. These serve as reference pictures of our t-shirts.

The third and final location was only for video content, here we made the first of our three series video to introduce our self.

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